Mental Health Association Reaching Out to Local Veterans

Absecon, NJ, January 31, 2011 – The Mental Health Association in Atlantic County (MHAAC) is reaching out to this county’s OIF/OEF military veterans through a self-help group called MHAAC Veterans Network. It’s all about veterans helping other veterans through a member-run group process. In addition to MHAAC traditional services, this veterans group will offer education, advocacy and support.

War injuries affect more than just the veteran. They touch the lives of husbands and wives, friends, employers, moms, dads, sons and daughters. Those injured and their family’s need to know that it is ok for combat veteran’s to have strong feelings both good and bad about their time in the service and it is not unusual for them to feel like their life is different now that they are home again. It may help to know that these feelings are to be expected and it will help them to talk with others facing the same challenges.

While this group was formed to exclusively address the special needs of Atlantic County’s Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom military veterans and their families, other veteran’s groups are also being planned. MHAAC, in conjunction with Richard Stockton College of NJ undergraduate and graduate social work programs are planning to hold meetings for Vietnam era, post 9-11, and Korean War veterans as well as topics addressing issues such as HIV and Hepatitis C among veterans. 

 MHAAC has a history of providing needed services to county residents for well over 60 years! This first group for newly repatriated OIF/OEF veterans will meet on Wednesdays from 6-7:00pm beginning March 2nd at the MHAAC office 1127 North New Rd. Pleasantville, NJ (Rt. 9 between Leeds & California Aves).

For more information, contact  609-272-1700

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